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Why Gellyball is the Perfect In-House Activity for Camp Ground Owners

Are you a camp ground owner looking for a new and exciting in-house activity to offer your visitors? Look no further than Gellyball! Gellyball is a fun and easy-to-organize activity that offers a great return on investment (ROI), making it the perfect addition to any camping site or glamping facility.

All you need is space and a little bit of guidance

If you have open or unused space on your camp ground, you can easily set up a Gellyball course and become an organizer. As a Gellyball member, you’ll have access to a thriving community of organizers and players, providing you with a network of support and resources to help you make the most of this exciting activity.

Very approachable for everyone

Gellyball is suitable for all ages and skill levels, making it the perfect activity for families with kids and groups of friends looking for some exciting and competitive fun. It can be played in a variety of settings, including wooded areas, fields, and even around tents or camp fires, making it an unforgettable and exciting experience for all.

A sustainable alternative to shooting sports.

Not only is Gellyball a fun and exciting activity, but it is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paintball. The biodegradable gelballs break down naturally, leaving no harmful residue or waste behind. This aligns with the growing trend of sustainability in the camping and outdoor industry, making it an attractive option for visitors looking for eco-friendly activities.

Fit to earn an extra penny

Organizing Gellyball can provide additional income for your camp ground, especially during peak camping season. As a Gellyball organizer, you can charge a fee for the use of the terrain and the use of equipment, creating a new and additional stream of revenue for your business. With the low start-up costs and minimal equipment required, Gellyball offers a great ROI for camp ground owners looking to earn money while providing a fun and exciting activity for their visitors.

A smile happens in a flash, its memory lasts a lifetime

But it’s not just about the financial benefits of Gellyball. This activity provides an unforgettable experience for your visitors, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It offers a unique and exciting way for families and friends to bond and enjoy their camping trip or staycation together. And as a camp ground owner, organizing Gellyball can help you stand out from your competitors and attract new visitors to your facility.


by Maxim Van Belle