• +50 years of combined experience in paintball industry and entrepreneurship
  • 1st Paintballfield in Belgium in 1987
  • 1st to import Gellyball in Europe
  • 1st Gellyballfield in Europe (Belgium – Brecht)

About us not too much blah blah…
Me, Patrick is known in the Paintball scene since decades. In a never-ending search for suitable locations to organize and practice Paintball and in full ‘lockdown’ due to COVID-19, Gellyball came my way and immediately I realized: “this is it”!

The ‘issues’ or obstacles that Paintball and Airsoft have faced for years (allowing young children to participate in shooting games) are a thing of the past thanks to Gellyball. From now on, virtually anyone can participate in shooting games from an early age, without the fear of pain or bruising.

It didn’t take much thinking to realize: “Gellyball should be known by everyone in Europe” – “this will be the latest form of exciting, fun entertainment for everyone from 6 to 106”

Gellyball – An exciting new opportunity

We would like to invite you to join the Gellyball family so that you too can take advantage of this opportunity to have a product that expands your market and generates more income.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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