Become an organiser

Do you want to become an organiser of Gellyball? It’s easy with the 3 steps below this page. But first let us explain what an ‘organiser’ is for Gellyball:

  • You become the direct supplier of Gellyball-games and/or Gellyball-gear in your area.
  • Organisers and their locations are published on the website.
  • Gellyball is not available in stores or shops, you are the only source and you alone can sell to customers.
  • As an authorised* organiser you can use the Gellyball-logo and Gellyball-brandname, because it is protected in Europe.
  • Organisers (dealers in USA) can join the Facebookgroup and share idea’s, photo’s, tips & tricks to improve your business and be the best in your field!
  • Organisers can apply for a warranty-program (WRAP) and get unlimited replacement of Gellyball-pistols and monthly supply of Gellyballs. Email us for more info on WRAP.

Are you ready to buy your first Startpackage and want to join our community? Don’t hesitate and fill out the form and convince us why we need you in our team!

  1. register and first create an account for our shop via My Account
  2. Fill out the form below, so that we can switch your account to a Trade account
  3. Afterwards you can see and order your first package.

Application form:

End user license agreement

GELLYBALL Europe BV, licensee of  the brand and logo “Gellyball”, filed with  EUIPO European Union  Intellectual Property Office. And the applicant;
hereby declare:
1. By confirming thepop-up,  agreeing to the use of the brand and logo according to the conditions:  a) Period:  from purchase starter package to cancellation by the licensor as a result of infringements or abuse or cancellation by the applicant. b)  Areas: regional –  c)  Media: applications: use on your own website + social media + posters + flyers + Google  adwords  + banners + billboards.
d)  Restrictions: prohibited to the domain name  www.gellyball.( extension of the country).  It is forbidden to use the Gellyball materials, name and logo for or together with competing Gellyball products.
2. Design changes: the applicant may not make any changes to the design without the permission of  GELLYBALL Europe BV. The exception is the reasonably foreseeable changes that are necessary for the correct operation of applications mentioned in 1.c.  The applicant must  inform GEBV with every wish to amend the EVENT; no changes can be made to the logo without the permission of GEBV.
3. Deze EULA may be terminated prematurely, in whole or in part, by termination or dissolution by GEBV if the  applicant:  (a)  does not or no longer uses the design; (b) if a natural person dies; (c) dissolved as a legal person; (d) loses control of the company (e.g. by transfer of company or transfer of majority shares); (e) negligent in one of the conditions of the EULA.
4. If the applicant is found to be negligent,  GEBV will notify the applicant by registered letter by post and by electronic communication (e-mail). GEBV gives the time to undo the identified infringements  on at least 7 days and max.15 calendar days. In the event of non-compliance with the rectification by  
the applicant, it agrees with the general terms and conditions of  GEBV and the EULA.
5. The general terms and conditions of  GEBV apply to these, provided that they have not deviated from this in the agreement. In the event of a conflict of conditions, the terms as described in the agreement are binding.  The applicant shall receive a version of the conditions by electronic mail. The applicant hereby declares to be aware and to agree to these terms and conditions as described in the addendum. The general terms and conditions are also an addendum in this  EULA.
it is considered an infringement of trademark law as 1. a logo or name is used for the same or similar goods or services (Identity infringement)  2. a corresponding logo or name is used for the same or similar goods or services (infringement of origin) 3. unjustified advantage or damage to the reputation of a trademark (goodwill infringement)  4. a logo other than used for distinction
Intrusion of trademark law can have the following consequences:
1. damages per day and per infringement. 2. Costs of theconviction. 3. reimbursement of the licensor’s legal costs.
By ordering the order and paying for the starter package, the applicant declares to agree to all general terms and conditions of GEBV and the EULA.

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