Gellyball FAQ

What is Gellyball ?
Gellyball is a new game concept that uses battery-powered pistols, such as Airsoft, to fire water-gel spheres 8mm in diameter.  The gel provides a much softer impact and no residue.

Gellyball Blaster, pistol, blue
Gellyball Blaster

Gellyball-dealer: What support is there ?
The Gellyball team is here to provide you with all the necessary support with the help and knowledge necessary for your success.  Videos / team / help are available to make you the best in your area!

How Safe Is Gellyball ?
A “Gellyball” is a “polymere” crystalshape sphere that, when soaked in water, expands to 8mm in size and on impact pulverizes and further breaks down the gel.
Low impact means less painful and no bruising.

Gellyballs, water gelballs, orbeez, 8mm
Waterabsorbed Gellyballs

Why add Gellyball to your business ?
Gellyball is not like a “Paintball” which has a larger “gelatin” shell with a higher mass and energetic value when fired, making it painful and usually bruising and sometimes even cracking the skin.
Gellyball is not like an “Airsoft” gun that fires hard plastic balls (BB gun).
Gellyball is the most ideal “shooting sport” for children starting from 6 years old and who can really participate with the whole family.
Recently we had a grandmother who came to play with her children and grandchildren…
In what other action sports can you see something like this happen?

group of people, paintball masks and guns, #gellyball

Does Gellyball leave a mess ?
Gellyballs are a polymere in a small crystal form that absorbs water up to 8 mm in size and when fired, pulverizes into very small particles.
After drying, they are still the size of no more than a grain of salt.
Easy to wipe or even vacuum (for indoor use).

Can I purchase additional Gellyball materials ?
Of course, once you are affiliated as a “Gellyball dealer”, you can order additional materials through our webshop at exclusive dealer-pricing.
So you can start with a ‘Dealerpack or Dealerpack+’ and expand later.

Has Gellyball a minimum age ?
No, Gellyball is ideal for getting that timid player into the game!
Gellyball is fun and safe for all ages.
We recommend from the age of 6 years and older because the material (mask / harness) must fit properly.

Can I sell Gellyball Blasters ?
Gladly!  Gellyball.eu does not sell to private individuals so that you as a dealer in our exclusive network get an extra margin. If a customer from your region orders materials trough the webshop, you as the dealer from that area earns a commission on every sale! We are happy to help you with a package of sales materials.

Is there a warranty on the material ?
Hell yes!  We offer a warranty program exclusively for our dealers.
WRAP (Warranty-Replacement And Product) This gives you the comfort of trade-in of defective Blasters and AKs for repaired units and a monthly supply of Gellyballs for sale and personal use.

How the Gellyball pistols work ?
With a LiPo battery.
We are happy to provide you with all the information to maximize the life of your batteries.

Gellyball pistol and battery
Gellyball pistol and LiPo battery

How many shots from one (full) battery ?
Depending on loading: 3000-5000 shots.

How many Gellyballs in one charger ?
Between 300 and 600 Gellyballs.  300 for the AK47 and 600 for the Blaster

Grenade hopper for 600 gellyballs
Grenade hopper for 600 Gellyballs

How far do the Gellyball pistols shoot ?
They easily shoot 25-30 meters.

How fast the Gellyballs fly ?
Between 180-220 fps (feet-per-second)

How do you hydrate the Gellyballs ?
Immerse in sufficient water for 3 hours.
You can store the Gellyballs indefinitely in a bucket with water and a lid, which we include in the dealer package.  #justaddwater