Gellyball what is it ?

Gellyball is the very latest development and revolution in action games.
You know, or are active in Laser Games, Nerf, Airsoft or Paintball!  Or you run a location where children and families come to be entertained, such as an indoor or outdoor playground or petting zoo.  You organize family parties, children’s parties or birthday parties.  So you know perfectly well how much kids love to run around and play “shooting games”.

Teamfoto Gellyball verjaardagsfeest
teamphoto Gellyball birthday event

Would you like to be part of the next revolution in shooting games?
Then you should get to know GELLYBALL!

Mobile or fixed location ?

Gellyball Mobile

GellyBall mobile is the most popular way to start.

With GellyBall mobile you go to the customer with your Gellyball equipment at a remote location.

You organize a number of games during a certain agreed time. *

The upside is that it can be done with a limited investment in GellyBall supplies and ammunition, and maybe a few inflatable bunkers.

GellyBalls do not leave any marks – even the small amount of water that comes out evaporates quickly.

Since GellyBall ammo doesn’t leave a mess, you can even play in someone’s backyard or a farmer’s pasture that you can borrow for the day!

Fixed location

This is a business model where you keep the Gellyball equipment in a private, fixed location indoor or outdoor.

Gellyball events can range from 10 to 150 players.
Average net proceeds per player per day can range from € 25 to € 35 for one, two or three hour sessions. *

With many big chain stores and shopping centers closing, large retail spaces for indoor play are more easily available at attractive rental prices.

The advantage is that you are not bound by daylight or weather conditions.
Theme nights, Blacklight games, etc. offer fun variations.
Outdoor areas offer the advantage that you can arrange several fields according to themes and that several groups can play on separate fields at the same time.
Only the weather can be a factor in outdoor use.

Paintball terrain with themed fields, scenario

* 1 player shoot an average of 1000 Gellyballs per half hour played.  (with “unlimited ammo” formula)