Inflatable bunkers

Set of 12 inflatable Gellyball bunkers for your field or mobile parties. Easy setup

Blasters in 2 colors

Our G1 Gelblaster, comes in 2 destinctive colors. Battery operated, shoots 12 Gellyballs per second at 125 fps.


Everything you need to get started with your Gellyball-business. Full pacakages for 12 players with or without inflatable bunkers for mobile operators. #justaddwater

UV-light for 'Glow' Gellyballs

'Gellylights' for the Glow-in-the-dark events. Experience the thrill of lasershooting with an impact. For use with the tracer-ammo.

Inflatable arena's, in different sizes

For events and limited spaces we have a range of several sizes in inflatable arena's. 6 x 12 with roof, 10 x 20 expandable to 15 x 20. Complete with netting fixed. Easy build up.

Inflatable schooting range with target system (target system not sold separately)

For effective marketing on fairs & events we have an inflatable shooting booth with electronic targets. Size: 3 x 4 meters

Gellyball glow in the dark

The tracerammo to be used with the 'Gellylights' or indoor with UV-lighting. Ideal for ex.: 'Zombie hunts'


Our Grenade hoppers hold 700 hydrated Gellyballs and are a usefull back-up when playing with large groups or on events.

GellyLaser, Red dot sight

The Gellylaser helps your aim and is a nice gadget when playing in dimmed lighting or evening.


Perfect eye- and faceprotection in the same colors as the Gelblasters. Comes with headstraps for children.