Starting a GellyBall mobile business makes sense

Are you looking for a full-time or part-time activity on a limited budget?  A mobile GellyBall store is the answer!  You load the material into your car or a trailer, drive to the location of your customer and after 30min setting up your customers can start playing!  A mobile event can cost your customer an average of € 250 and € 500 for a two or three hour session. with 10 players. The customers love it because it leaves no paint residue on houses, cars or trees, no darts appear weeks later in the bushes and lawn and there are no plastic balls scattered everywhere on private property.

The advantage of starting a Mobile GellyBall is the much lower investment.  If you have a phone, transportation, and a “Gellyball Dealer Package,” you are good to go!

Considerations When Starting Your Business.
It is always a good idea to purchase liability insurance, and you may also want a warranty on your equipment.  A well-crafted webpage and social media campaign are essential and will help reach potential customers.  With the “WRAP” warranty program (Warranty Replacement and Product) you are assured of always working equipment without having to be a technician yourself

Mobile Paintball, Nerf, Laser Tag, Ax Throwing and other opportunities have already been successful in this way.  Time for your success!

While there are many benefits of owning your own location, both indoors and outdoors, it takes a much larger investment to do so. 

For a limited investment you can start as a mobile GellyBall company, and when you have a good feel for the profitability, costs, time involved, etc. you can start looking for a building or site.